Using nvstereo.h

In order to simplify correct usage of NVAPI with stereo, NVIDIA has written a header file nvstereo.h, which can be freely used in your application. This header is targeted at PC developers and will work with Direct3D 9 or 10.


nvstereo.h is available as part of the NVIDIA SDK 11 for PC developers.


Inclusion in your project

The nvstereo.h header is a simple header library, and needs only to be included from your source code to be used. However, it does have a dependency on the public NVAPI. To setup NVAPI with your project, follow the instructions in the Using NVAPI section.

What it does

nvstereo.h manages several important aspects for you.

Although the specific data stored in the texture can be modified by the application, by default the information is stored as:

How to Use nvstereo.h

Detailed usage instructions for nvstereo.h are included in the header itself to ease integration. However, the general steps are:

  1. Create appropriate ParamTextureManager prior to device creation.
  2. Call UpdateStereoTexture once per frame, at the beginning of the frame.
    Call even while the device is lost.
  3. Delete the ParamTextureManager after the device has been destroyed.



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