SLI Checklist

  1. Check the maximum potential scaling by running your application in an SLI configuration after renaming its executable to AFR-FriendlyD3D.exe. If necessary, resolve any CPU bottleneck before continuing.
  2. If you are using Queries, make sure to allow buffering of at least N frames' worth of work before stalling to get their result (where N is the number of AFR groups in the configuration).
  3. Use resource Clears were appropriate, depending on the availability of an SLI profile for your application.
  4. For either 2 or 3, if your application requires an SLI-specific change, use the latest version of NVAPI from to properly detect the current SLI configuration, including the number of AFR Groups.
  5. Send NVIDIA a build of your application to get an SLI profile created for it. Alternatively, use the SLI-specific advice to eliminate inter-frame dependencies where possible (Clears).

Additional Resources

SLI Zone ( provides a lot of NVIDIA SLI-specific information for end users.



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