Android Application Lifecycle Samples Pack

Release Notes


Android is a powerful game and application development platform. Paired with the Android NDK, it becomes possible to create top-quality 3D gaming experiences from native C++ code. However, many game developers find that turning their Android 3D game from a demo into a product can be a challenge. One particular set of sticking points and bugs tends to be related to Android Lifecycle events, including:

NVIDIA has created a samples pack that has rewritten the NvEvent framework and provides several small application samples that show how many of these use cases can be handled robustly across multiple Android OS versions and devices.

CAUTION: While this samples pack is based off of previous NVIDIA Tegra Samples Packs, it is not compatible with these. This Android Lifecycle Samples Pack should be treated as an independent, new pack and be expanded to a new tree.


CAUTION: The new version of NvEvent that ships with this samples pack is rewritten and expanded, and is not backward-compatible with previous versions of NvEvent. Applications already using the original NvEvent will need to “port” their applications to the new NvEvent, rather than merely recompiling.



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