OpenCV for Tegra Demo Application

An Android application called OpenCV_for_Tegra_Demo.apk demonstrates some examples of the optimization factors that can be achieved with OpenCV for Tegra versus OpenCV for Android on Tegra devices. This application is available in the <path to TADP directory>/OpenCV- folder. The OpenCV_for_Tegra_Demo.apk application can also be freely downloaded from the Google Play store.

A sample screen shot of the OpenCV for Tegra Demo application is below.

Typical optimizations factors observed for the various modes of the demo application on the Tegra 4 device are listed below.

Mode Speedup (Tegra 4)
Median Blur 23.7
Gaussian Blur 7.8
Sketch 6.9
Morpho Gradient 3.9
Watermark 3.1
Sobel 2.0
Optical Flow 1.5




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