Supported Features and Known Issues

This section lists the features available in OpenCV for Tegra, the functions that have been optimized for Tegra, and its limitations.

Supported Features

The following table lists the modules that are included in OpenCV for Tegra. Follow the web links in the right column for details of the functions available in each module.

OpenCV for Tegra Libraries
Feature Documentation
The Core Functionality
Image processing
High-level GUI and Media I/O
Video Analysis
Camera Calibration and 3D Reconstruction
2D Features Framework
Object Detection
Machine Learning
Clustering and Search in Multi-Dimensional Spaces
Computational Photography
Image stitching
CUDA-optimized functions
Contributed functionality
Legacy functionality

Functions Optimized for Tegra

The following is a list of functions that are specifically optimized for Tegra. For more detailed information about each of these functions,including their various input image formats, see the chapter titled "TEGRA-Powered Computer Vision" of The OpenCV Reference Manual, Release document located at <path to TADP directory>/OpenCV-

Known Issues

OpenCV for Tegra has the following limitations.

Highgui Module Restrictions

The highgui module does not include video IO and User Interface functionality. Only the following functions are available:


OpenCV GPU Modules Restrictions

  1. The GPU module, that contains CUDA-optimized functions, is available on Tegra K1 only. See the for the list of available functions.
  2. OpenCL support is experimental (, you normally should avoid the use of it in production code. Also, the module will disappear in OpenCV 3.0. OpenCL will be used through so-called Transparent API.
Excluded Libraries

The following table shows the features that are absent in OpenCV for Tegra.

Feature Documentation
GPU-accelerated Computer Vision
Non-free functionality




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