How To: Use the Tegra Android Samples Pack

Android is a powerful game and application development platform. Paired with the Android Native Development Kit (NDK) and Android OS versions Gingerbread, Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich, it becomes possible to create top-quality 3D gaming experiences entirely (or almost entirely) from native C++ code.

However, many game developers find that taking their Android 3D game from a demo into a stable product can be a challenge. The most common issues, questions and bugs tend to arise from:

One particular set of sticking points and bugs are related to Android Lifecycle events, including:

NVIDIA’s new samples pack provides several small applications that demonstrate the ways that many of these use cases can be handled robustly across multiple Android OS versions and devices.

Important Use Notes

CAUTION: This pack replaces and is incompatible with previous NVIDIA Tegra Samples Packs. This includes the two most recent parallel samples packs as shipped in TADP r1.0r4/5, namely Android_NVIDIA_samples_2_public and NVIDIA_Android_Lifecycle_samples_2_0_public.
This Tegra Android Samples Pack should be treated as an independent, new system and should not be intermixed with previous samples packs.


CAUTION: This is the initial general release of the new samples pack. The set of applications, demos, libraries and documentation in this pack is expected to grow significantly over the coming updates. The pack is designed to give Android developers examples of various Android native game development features as supported on Tegra. Please report issues with this pack to


NOTE: This samples pack focuses on development of applications using Android’s NativeActivity pure-native gaming feature. This feature was added in Gingerbread, and thus these applications will run only on Android devices running Gingerbread (SDK10) or newer. Currently, Froyo development is not supported by this pack. Developers needing to include Froyo as a supported Android platform should refer to the previous Tegra Android Samples Packs, shipped in the TADP r1.0r4/5.


NOTE: The OpenMAX AL samples are no longer supported and have been removed from the samples pack. Samples showing similar functionality using MediaCodec, Media Extractor, and MediaPlayer are under development for maximum compatibility.




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