Samples Tree Overview


Additional header and library files used by native code, specifically EGL and OpenMAX AL extensions. These are designed to work alongside (and not overlap/conflict with) the Khronos headers shipped in the NDK.


Contains additional documentation.


This contains topic-specific small application demos that demonstrate particular game development-appropriate topics, specifically Java/JNI use from native code, touch, accelerometer and game controller support, and multimedia handling. These demos are detailed in the later sections of this doc.

NOTE: Developers who have used the previous NVIDIA Android Samples packs will note that there are NO Eclipse projects for the libraries in this pack. This is not a mistaken omission. The samples pack has moved to using the NDK’s import modules to better integrate the libraries into the build system. See the sections on app_create and on the library builds for more details.

Contains helper library code used by the sample applications, currently all native C/C++. In particular, the android_native_app_glue-derived nv_native_app_glue framework to make it as easy as possible to use Android’s NativeActivity system to create entirely (or mainly) C/C++ Android applications.


Contains sample media files if supplied/required.


Contains prebuilt APK files of all the sample applications.


A detailed 3D application with UI screens designed to show basic Android lifecycle handling. This application is detailed later in the document and described in much greater detail in its own document in the sample’s docs directory.


A simpler Android application lifecycle demo, similar to the Globe, but without complex rendering. This application is designed to make it easy to see the handling of basic lifecycle. It is also the template for the app creation script in the tools directory.


A Cygwin/bash shell script tool designed to make it easy to create new template Java/JNI applications. Applications created with this tool are ready to run and form a framework into which new or existing application code can be added. See the later section on “Creating new applications” for details on the use of this tool.


Windows and bash shell scripts that deploy the prebuilt samples along with any required media files to an ADB-connected device.




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