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Release Notes
NVIDIA NVSHMEM is an NVIDIA based “shared memory” library that provides an easy-to-use CPU-side interface to allocate pinned memory that is symmetrically distributed across a cluster of NVIDIA GPUs. These release notes describe the key features, software enhancements and improvements, and known issues for NVSHMEM 2.2.1
Installation Guide
This NVIDIA NVSHMEM Installation Guide provides step-by-step instructions to download and install NVSHMEM 2.2.1

API Guide

This is the API documentation for the NVSHMEM library.


This document is the Software License Agreement (SLA) for NVIDIA NVSHMEM. The following contains specific license terms and conditions for NVSHMEM. By accepting this agreement, you agree to comply with all the terms and conditions applicable to the specific product(s) included herein.