cuSOLVERMp: A High-Performance CUDA Library for Distributed Dense Linear Algebra

NVIDIA cusolverMp is a high-performance, distributed-memory, GPU-accelerated library that provides tools for the solution of dense linear systems and eigenvalue problems.

cuSOLVERMp is compatible with 2D block-cyclic data layout and provides ScaLAPACK-like C APIs.

A companion library, CAL, contains utilities to manage communicators and to synchronize processes in a safe way.

Download: cuSOLVERMp library is available through NVIDIA HPC SDK

Key Features

  • Multi-process, multi-GPU.

  • One process per GPU.

  • ScaLAPACK-like C functionalities and interfaces to facilitate porting.

  • Configurable communication backends (UCC, NCCL, UCX, etc)

  • Logging and tracing.

  • Tensor-core accelerated.


  • Supported SM Architectures: SM 8.0, SM 8.6

  • Supported OSes: Linux

  • Supported CPU Architectures: x86_64, pp64

  • Supported communication Libraries: UCC 1.1+ (shipped with HPC-SDK)


  • HPC-SDK and it’s HPC-X communication module need to be set up

  • Dependencies: cudart, nvrtc, cublas.h, cusolverDn.h, cal.h headers. and binaries.