Bootstrapping mechanismΒΆ

cuFFTMp can be used with MPI. This is enabled using a bootstrap library ( The provided library is designed to support the version of HPC-X included with the HPC SDK.

However, another bootstrap library can be built to enable the user to use its own MPI implementation. More information on building a custom bootstrap can be found in the NVSHMEM documentation. Note that this does not require building NVSHMEM.


A Makefile is located in the extra_bootstraps folder to help with creating a custom bootstrap library. Typing MPICC=mpicc make mpi_bootstrap where mpicc is your MPI C (not C++) wrapper will automatically download NVSHMEM and build the bootstrap. Placing the resulting in LD_LIBRARY_PATH is all that is then needed to use cuFFTMp with a custom MPI implementation.