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NVIDIA HPC Compilers Version 20.5 Documentation

HPC Compilers

NVIDIA HPC Compilers User's Guide
This guide describes how to use the NVIDIA HPC Fortran, C++ and C compilers on x86-64, OpenPOWER and Arm Server multicore CPUs and NVIDIA GPUs.


C++ Parallel Algorithms
C++ 17 Parallel Algorithms introduce parallel and vector concurrency through execution policies and are supported in the NVC++ compliler.
NVIDIA CUDA Fortran Programming Guide
This guide describes how to program with CUDA Fortran, a small set of extensions to Fortran that supports and is built upon the NVIDIA CUDA programming model. CUDA Fortran is available on a variety of 64-bit operating systems for both x86 and OpenPOWER hardware platforms. CUDA Fortran includes runtime APIs and programming examples.
NVIDIA Fortran CUDA Interfaces
This document describes the NVIDIA Fortran interfaces to the cuBLAS, cuFFT, cuRAND, and cuSPARSE CUDA Libraries.
OpenACC Getting Started Guide
This guide introduces the NVIDIA OpenACC implementation, including examples of how to write, build and run programs using the OpenACC directives.

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