Replay Tool

The Data Replayer application allows you to visually inspect a recording by playing it back on a host computer. To start the application, run the following command:


docker run -it --rm --gpus all --network=host -v <file_path>:<file_path>:ro \<your_staging_area>/apps_amr_data_recorder_data_replayer:isaac_2.0-<platform> \ --param=replayer.pod_replayer/file/file_path=<file_path>

Where <file_path> is the path to the Pod file.


Replace <your_staging_area> with your assigned NGC Registry staging area code.


Replace <platform> with the platform architecture of the system you are running the docker container on. For x86 use k8, for ARM use aarch64.

Once the application is running, open a browser and navigate to the following address to access the user interface:



The Replay Control Panel allows you to control replay execution.


Play/Pause will play and pause the replay. +1s will move the replay forward by 1 second while -1s will move replay backwards by 1 second. Step will replay the next frame of data.

The slider displays the current time in the replay and can be used to freely seek through the recording while it is paused.

For more information on navigating the Sight UI, refer to Sight (Front End).

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