Running the Navigation Stack in Flatsim

This document will guide you through the process of installing the Navigation Stack on your machine and running a simple demo with the Carter platform in Flatsim.

Isaac SDK provides prebuilt Docker images that contain the entire navigation stack. Thus, you only need to have docker installed on your system. Instructions to install Docker can be found here.

Make sure you have access to the NVIDIA container registry. You can log in to as follows:


docker login

Pull and run the image containing the Navigation Stack. This image simulates a robot in Flatsim and uses the navigation stack to maneuver it to a target position. Once the target position is reached, it will automatically select a new random target position and navigate there.


docker run -it --gpus all --rm --network=host \ --entrypoint=/app/apps/amr/navigation_stack/navigation_stack \

With the Docker image running, navigate to http://localhost:3000 in your browser, which contains the Websight visualization of the navigation stack. You should see the occupancy map and the robot moving autonomously towards the goal point, which is visualized with a red circle. You can reposition the goal by clicking and dragging the marker, causing the robot to replan its path and move to the new goal.

For more information on customizing the Navigation Stack configuration (e.g. running the Navigation Stack in a different map) refer to the Navigation Stack Configuration page.

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