Isaac Sim Closed Loop

To run a demo of the Navigation Stack in Isaac Sim with Nvblox cost maps, follow these steps:

  1. Run the Isaac Sim client-side Navigation demo app:


    dazel run //extensions/navigation_stack/apps/navigation_stack:navigation_stack -- \ --config-path <absolute path to workspace>/extensions/navigation_stack/apps/navigation_stack/config_isaac_sim_nvblox.yaml

    This will run the default configuration of the closed loop nvblox navigation : with ground truth depth (RS equivalent) and nvblox only for distance map. If you want to try other configurations, you can add a combination of:

    • –camera hawk and –depth [ess, sgm] to try out the Hawk simulation with two kinds of depth estimation

    • –perception [nvblox, nvblox-and-lidar-egm] to have either nvblox only or the combination of nvblox and Lidar EGM for the distance map

  2. Run the latest daily alpha build of Isaac Sim v2023.1.0 or newer.

  3. In Isaac Sim, open the following scene:


  4. Enable the GXF Bridge Extension if not already enabled by selecting Window > Extensions > Search for “GXF Bridge”.

  5. Click the GXF Bridge tab on the bottom of the screen and select Create Application. This will start the Isaac Sim GXF app, which will transmit sensor messages and clock timestamps from Isaac Sim to the Navigation app and receive control messages from the Navigation app in return.

  6. The client-side Navigation app should indicate connection with the server.

  7. Press Play in Isaac Sim to begin transmitting sensor messages to the client-side app, which will be processed by the Navigation Stack into control messages for the simulated robot.

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