Getting Started with the Robot Hardware

This section will guide you through setting up the Carter robot hardware.

The Carter robot will arrive with the battery disconnected. It must be connected before using the robot. The battery compartment is located on the front of the robot.


  1. Insert the key and turn it clockwise to open the battery compartment





  2. Connect the battery plug to the battery.


  3. Close the battery compartment door.

  1. The Carter robot will arrive with a red cover over the lidar, which

    needs to be removed before use.

  2. Remove the two screws (green) holding the LIDAR cover in place.




    DO NOT REMOVE the four corner screws shown in red. Any movement of the LIDAR itself will void the calibration.

  3. Re-install the two screws back into their respective holes on the

    Carter robot.

  4. The Carter robot will arrive with the lidar unplugged. Reconnect the

    lidar to the robot.

    1. Align the red mark on the plug to the top.

    2. Push the connector inwards (do not turn or twist) until the

      connector clicks.



  1. Release the EStop button by twisting it clockwise. The indicator

    light on the front of the robot will flash red upon startup if the EStop button is depressed.


  2. To power on the robot, press and hold the power button on the chassis

    for 2 seconds. It will take approximately 1 minute to boot up.


Joystick shipped is paired with the robot. To connect the paired joystick to Carter, press the PS button on the PS5 controller shown below.



Once the controller is connected, the LEDs on the controller should stay solid blue; flashing blue LEDs indicate the controller is trying to connect.


If the controller LEDs continue flashing, the controller is attempting to connect to a paired device. If the controller is not paired with the robot, the blue LEDs will blink for a minute and stop. The easiest way to pair the controller again is by connecting it to the robot by cable. Use the details in this section to pair the controller.

To power off the robot, hold down the power button. When it powers down, it will beep and all lights will turn off.

  1. Power off the robot.

  2. Open the front battery door with the included key and unplug the

    battery (refer to the Connect the Battery section for more details).

  3. For charging, the battery can either be completely removed from the

    robot or pulled out just far enough to easily access the plug.


  4. When removing the battery, you will need to brace the robot chassis

    to keep it from rolling. Do not place your hands on any sensor lenses or at the pinch points around the wheels. The front edge of the robot above the cameras is a good bracing point.

  5. Plug in the included wall charger.


  6. Once connected, the indicator light on the charger should change from

    green to red, and the white lights on the battery should start flashing to mark its progress. If this does not occur, unplug the charger from the wall, wait for the green light to go out, and then plug it back in.

  7. Disconnect the battery from the charger once charging has completed.

    Avoid leaving a fully-charged battery connected to the charger for extended periods.

  8. Reconnect the battery to the Carter robot (refer to the ref:Connect the Battery <connect_the_battery> section for more details).

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