Audio Energy Calculation

The Audio Energy Calculation feature calculates the audio energy of the audio packets. In case of multi-channel audio packets, it calculates the average energy across the channels of the audio packet. The energy is calculated in decibels (dB).

This feature is available as Audio Energy Calculation codelet.

Configuration Parameters

Parameter Description Type
channel_indices List of indices of audio channels which are used for calculating the audio energy. List of Ints
reference_energy Energy (in dB) of the microphone’s max capture volume. This value can be obtained from the microphone specification sheet as Acoustic Overload Point or maximum dB. For example, the reference_energy of a ReSpeaker 4-mic array v2.0 is 120dB. Default is 0. Float


Message Proto Type Name
Input AudioDataProto audio_packets
Output AudioEnergyState audio_energy

Sight Variables

The calculated energy is available in Sight as average_energy_per_audio_packet.

Sample Application

The sound source localization sample application demonstrates this feature.

Platforms: Desktop, Jetson TX/2, Jetson Xavier, Jetson Nano