Sensors and Other HardwareΒΆ

Isaac includes driver codelets for the following hardware components:

  • Joystick: A driver codelet that provides an interface for most standard gamepads and joysticks.
  • SerialBMI160: A driver codelet for the Bosch BMI160 IMU connected via I2C.
  • V4L2Camera: A driver codelet that supports most cameras via the Video For Linux architecture.
  • VelodyneLidar: A driver for the Velodyne VLP16 LIDAR (currently only the Velodyne VLP16 device is supported).
  • LivoxLidar: A driver for the Livox Mid-40 LIDAR (currently only the Livox Mid-40 device is supported).
  • ZedCamera: A specialized codelet using the ZED SDK.

The following sections provide additional information about some of these hardware driver codelets.