Isaac SDK supports use of Livox LIDAR, including a compatible driver and a sample application.

The Livox LIDAR driver included in Isaac SDK supports the Livox Mid-40 and was qualified with firmware version 03.04.0000.

Isaac SDK includes a sample application demonstrating the usage of the Livox LIDAR driver and related components.

To set up the sample, perform the following steps:

  1. Turn on the Livox LIDAR and connect it to the host PC.

  2. Download and install the Livox Viewer tool from the following website:

  3. Follow the Livox quick start instructions to configure the LIDAR to use a static IP address of your choosing, such as

  4. Follow Livox quick start instructions to upgrade the LIDAR firmware to version 03.04.0000.

  5. In the sample application configuration file packages/livox/apps/livox_lidar_visualization/, update the IP address of the LIDAR. In this example:


    "config": { "livox_lidar_mid-40": { "driver": { "device_ip": "",

  6. Start the sample application with the following command:


    bob@desktop:~/isaac$ bazel run //packages/livox/apps/livox_lidar_visualization

    The application begins running without errors and stabilizes.

To deploy and run the sample application on a robot, perform the following steps:

  1. Deploy //packages/livox/apps/livox_lidar_visualization:livox_lidar_visualization-pkg to the robot as explained in Deploying and Running on Jetson.

  2. Run the sample application on the robot with the following command:


    bob@jetson:~/$ ./packages/livox/apps/livox_lidar_visualization/livox_lidar_visualization

  1. With the livox_LIDAR application running on either the desktop or a robot, start the Sight application in a web browser by loading localhost:3000. The metrics, such as point count over time, and other information displayed will be similar to the following:


  2. Enable the Point Cloud Viewer to display incoming data:


The Livox LIDAR in Isaac SDK is yet another tool available for your robotic applications. Your application may integrate the LIDAR for navigation, perception, depth, or other uses.

In the following example, reflectivity information was piped in the color channels over a 10 second exposure period for a total of one million point in the accumulated cloud.


For more detailed information about Livox LIDAR, see the following website:

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