Coordinate mappings:

  • RegularPartition: A regular partition of 1-dimensional Cartesian space.
  • RegularIntervalPartition: A regular partition of an interval.
  • RingPartition: A regular partition of a circle, i.e. an interval which loops around.
  • RegularPlanePartition: A regular partition of 2-dimensional Cartesian space (i.e. a grid).
  • PosedRegularPlanePartition: Similar to RegularPlanePartition, but rotated and translated with respect to the origin.
  • PolarPartition: Mapping between Cartesian space and polar coordinates.


  • SingleStore: Uses a single image to store data. This is useful for a small dense map.
  • MultiStore: Uses a sparse grid of images to store data. Useful for large maps which have many holes.
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