It is easy to use a Playstation joystick to control robots running the Isaac SDK, but other controllers can also be used.

Using a Playstation Joystick

Calibrate your Playstation joystick with the following steps.

  1. Install the joystick calibration program with the following command:

    sudo apt-get install joystick
  2. Pair the joystick as a Bluetooth peripheral.

  3. Run the calibration program with the following command:

  4. Find your joystick and note the device ID for later.

  5. Select your joystick and click Properties.

  6. Click Calibration and follow the instructions.

    6.1 If the joystick is connected to desktop via a USB cable, you may need to adjust Mapping. Make sure ABS_Z is dragged down below Axes number 3.

  7. Store the calibration with the following command:

    sudo jscal-store /dev/input/js0

Using Other Joysticks

If you are not using a PlayStation joystick, your keys may be mapped differently.

  1. To remap, if needed, run the following command on the robot:

    bob@jetson:~/$ sudo apt install jstest-gtk
  2. Run the jstest-gtk application and double click on your joystick in the interface, similar to what is shown below:

  3. Use the buttons and other controls on your joystick to determine which of them trigger which controls in this interface:


    Click mapping to remap controls. Or, in isaac.navigation.RobotRemoteControl, update manual_button, autonomous_button, move_axes, and rotate_axes values as desired. for more information, see Component API Overview.