The main challanges for creating contents for robotics applications:

  • Create scenarios relevant to robots/AI operating in a desired setting
  • Create realistic, physically-based materials that can interact meaningfully with sensors
  • Contain both static and dynamic objects in the scene

Isaac Sim comes with a small set of pre-constructed environments:


The coordinate system in ISAAC SDK is different from the coordinate system in Isaac Sim. ISAAC SDK follows a right hand system unlike the left hand system of Isaac Sim, also In Isaac Sim, the measurements are usually represented in centimeters. However, measurements in ISAAC SDK are represented in meters.*

Adding new environments

New environments/scenes/levels can be added to Isaac Sim by adding the content associated with the Unreal Engine Map (.umap, .uasset, etc) into the IsaacSimProject/Content folder.


Content added to the IsaacSimProject/Content folder must be compatible with Unreal Engine 4.20

To enable Isaac SDK support for a new map, set the game mode under Window->World Settings->Game Mode ->Game Mode Override to /IsaacSim/Core/IsaacSimGameModeBase. This will allow JSON graph/config files to load from the commandline via the -isaac_sim_config_json="..." commandline argument.

Please refer to the Unreal Engine documentation for more information about Levels and managing Content