NVIDIA Tegra Linux Driver Package

Development Guide
28.3 Release

Bluetooth Device Settings
Enabling Bluetooth Audio
Pairing BLE
Enabling Bluetooth Audio
To ensure the bluetooth software stack is conformant for the configuration, Bluetooth audio is disabled by default. If additional bluetooth audio profiles are enabled, product conformance may be impacted.
To enable Bluetooth audio
1. For A2DP, navigate to the following files:
2. Uncomment the following lines to load both modules and enable the A2DP Bluetooth profile.
#.ifexists module-bluetooth-policy.so
#load-module module-bluetooth-policy
#.ifexists module-bluetooth-discover.so
#load-module module-bluetooth-discover
3. Navigate to the following file:
4. Remove A2DP from the noplugin parameter list.
This change allows the A2DP plugin to be loaded and enables the Bluetooth speaker work as expected.
For example, change the following line:
ExecStart=/usr/lib/bluetooth/bluetoothd -d --noplugin=audio,a2dp,avrcp
As follows:
ExecStart=/usr/lib/bluetooth/bluetoothd -d --noplugin=audio,avrcp
5. Reboot the Jetson target device.
6. Pair and use your Bluetooth audio devices.
Pairing BLE
Bluez is required for pairing bluetooth low-energy (BLE) devices. To pair the BLE
1. Install Bluez using apt-get on ubuntu version 16.04 by execution the command:
sudo apt-get install bluez
Upon successful installation, the system returns messages similar to:
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree       
Reading state information... Done
bluez is already the newest version (5.37-0ubuntu5.1).  
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 304 not upgraded.
2. Navigate to the configuration file:
3. Add or uncomment the following lines located toward the end of the file.
4. Comment out by adding the pound (#) sign to these lines:
ACTION=="add", SUBSYSTEM=="bluetooth", KERNEL=="hci[0-9]*", RUN+="/bin/hciconfig %k up" in file /lib/udev/rules.d/50-bluetooth-hci-auto-poweron.rules
5. Restart the system.
6. Open the Bluetooth Manager.
7. Pair the device.