NVIDIA Jetson Linux Developer Guide
32.4.2 Release


Bootloader Update and Redundancy

Jetson Nano/TX1 Update and Redundancy
TegraBoot and Partition Layout
Redundancy Boot Firmware
Generating the Bootloader Update Payload (BUP)
Bootloader Update
Bootloader Update Flow
Sample Logs in BUP Generation, Boot, and Update for BFS/KFS
Jetson Xavier NX / AGX Xavier / TX2 Update and Redundancy
A/B Slot Layout
A/B System Update
Bootloader Implementation
When the Update Engine is Launched
Enabling A/B Redundancy
Bootloader Tools
Running the Update Engine
Update Engine State Machine
Manually Modifying Boot Slots
Sample Boot Log
Generating the Bootloader Payload Update (BUP)
NVIDIA® Jetson™ Linux Driver Package supports Bootloader update and redundancy on all Jetson platforms. However, the implementations of update and redundancy on the Jetson Nano and Jetson TX1 platforms are substantially different than on NVIDIA Jetson Xavier™ series and Jetson TX2 series platforms.