L4T Multimedia API Reference

27.1 Release

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Application Framework API

Detailed Description

These classes and functions provide buffer, imaging, logging, rendering, and video functionality.


 Buffer API
 The NvBuffer API provides buffer functionality, including reference count functionality and convenience methods.
 Imaging API
 These classes provide JPEG encode and decode functionality.
 Logging API
 This file defines macros that provide message logging functionality.
 NvElement and Derived Classes
 These classes derive and provide functionality for V4L2 and V4L2 components.
 Rendering API
 The NvEglRenderer API provides EGL and Open GL ES 2.0 rendering functionality.
 TensorRT Inference API
 The GIE_Context class provides interfaces to load the Caffe model and perform inference with the TensorRT model.
 Video API
 These classes and functions provide video encode, decode, conversion, and other functionality.