L4T Multimedia API Reference

27.1 Release

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Libargus API

Detailed Description

This is the main include file for libargus applications.

This includes all the other standard API header files.


 Camera API
 These classes provide camera functionality.
 Capture API
 These classes provide capture functionality.
 Event API
 An event represents an asynchronous result.
 Libargus Extensions
 These classes describe the various extensions.
 Request API
 A request defines the parameters to configure the capture.
 Settings API
 An interface to settings that control the sensor module.
 Stream API
 Input streams are created and owned by CaptureSessions, and they maintain a connection with an EGLStream in order to acquire frames as an EGLStream consumer.
 Types API
 This file defines the basic types that are used by the API.
 This file defines the UUID types used by libargus.