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PwlWdrSensorMode.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Libargus Extension: Piecewise Linear Compression for WDR Sensor Modes

Description: Adds extra functionalities for the Piecewise Linear (PWL) compressed Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) sensor mode type.

Definition in file PwlWdrSensorMode.h.

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Data Structures

class  Argus::Ext::IPwlWdrSensorMode
 Interface to the properties of a PWL WDR device. More...




 Argus::DEFINE_UUID (ExtensionName, EXT_PWL_WDR_SENSOR_MODE, 7f510b90, 582b, 11e6, bbb5, 40, 16, 7e, ab, 86, 92)
 Argus::Ext::DEFINE_UUID (InterfaceID, IID_PWL_WDR_SENSOR_MODE, 7f5acea0, 582b, 11e6, 9414, 40, 16, 7e, ab, 86, 92)