L4T Multimedia API Reference

28.2 Release

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API Modules
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 Application Framework APIThese classes and functions provide buffer, imaging, logging, rendering, and video functionality
 Application Resource Profiler APIHelper class for profiling the overall application resource usage
 Buffer APIThe NvBuffer API provides buffer functionality, including reference count functionality and convenience methods
 DRM Renderer API
 Element Profiler APIHelper class for profiling the performance of individual elements
 @c valid_field values for the #NvElementProfilerData structure.
 Imaging APIThese classes provide JPEG encode and decode functionality
 Image DecoderThe NvJPEGDecoder API provides functionality for decoding JPEG images using libjpeg APIs
 Image EncoderThe NvJPEGEncoder API provides functionality for encoding JPEG images using libjpeg APIs
 Logging APIThis file defines macros that provide message logging functionality
 NvElement and Derived ClassesThese classes derive and provide functionality for V4L2 and V4L2 components
 NvElement Base ClassThis class is the class from which both V4L2 and non-V4L2 components are derived
 NvV4l2ElementPlane ClassHelper class for operations performed on a V4L2 element plane
 V4L2 Element ClassHelper class that provides common functionality for V4L2-based components, such as encoder and decoder
 Rendering APIThe NvEglRenderer API provides EGL and Open GL ES 2.0 rendering functionality
 Video APIThese classes and functions provide video encode, decode, conversion, and other functionality
 Video ConverterHelper class that creates new V4L2 video converters, and it sets converter capture and output plane formats
 Video DecoderHelper class that creates new V4L2 video decoders, and it sets decoder capture and output plane formats
 Video EncoderHelper class that creates new V4L2 video encoders, and it sets encoder capture and output plane formats
 Video Read/WriteUtility functions for reading video frames from a file to the buffer structure and for writing from the buffer structure to a file
 Common UtilitiesDefines commonly used utilities
 Buffer ManagerNVIDIA buffering utility library for use by applications
 On-Screen Display ManagerDefines the NvOSD library to be used to draw rectangles and text over the frame for given parameters
 Libargus Camera APILibargus is an API for acquiring images and associated metadata from cameras
 ExtensionsThis module provides a list of extensions currently available for libargus
 Ext::BayerAverageMapGenerates local averages of a capture's raw Bayer data
 Ext::BayerSharpnessMapAdds internally-generated sharpness metrics to CaptureMetadata results
 Ext::DeFogAdds internal de-fog post-processing algorithms
 Ext::DebugCaptureSessionAdds a debug interface to dump internal libargus runtime information
 Ext::FaceDetectAdds internal face-detection algorithms
 Ext::InternalFrameCountAdds accessors for an internal frame count performance metric
 Ext::PwlWdrSensorModeAdds extra functionalities for the Piecewise Linear (PWL) Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) sensor mode type
 Ext::SensorPrivateMetadataAdds accessors for sensor embedded metadata
 Objects and InterfacesThis module provides a list of libargus objects and the interfaces that they support
 CameraDeviceObject representing a single camera device
 SensorModeChild object representing a CameraDevice's sensor mode, returned by ICameraProperties::getAllSensorModes
 CameraProviderObject providing the entry point to the libargus runtime
 CaptureMetadataContainer for metadata generated by a single completed capture
 BayerHistogramChild Bayer histogram metadata, returned by ICaptureMetadata::getBayerHistogram
 FaceDetectResultMetadata for a single face detection result, returned by Ext::IFaceDetectMetadata::getFaceDetectResults
 RGBHistogramChild RGB histogram metadata, returned by ICaptureMetadata::getRGBHistogram
 StreamMetadataChild stream metadata, returned by ICaptureMetadata::getStreamMetadata
 CaptureSessionObject that controls all operations on a single sensor
 EventContainer representing a single event
 CaptureComplete EventEvent type used to report when all capture processing has completed
 CaptureStarted EventEvent type used to report when a capture starts
 Error EventEvent type used to report an error
 EventQueueObject to receive and expose Events from an IEventProvider
 OutputStreamObject representing an output stream capable of receiving image frames from a capture
 OutputStreamSettingsContainer for settings used to configure/create an OutputStream
 RequestContainer for all settings used by a single capture request
 AutoControlSettingsChild auto control settings, returned by IRequest::getAutoControlSettings
 SourceSettingsChild source settings, returned by IRequest::getSourceSettings
 StreamSettingsChild per-stream settings, returned by IRequest::getStreamSettings
 V4L2 NV Extensions APIThis file declares NVIDIA V4L2 extensions, controls, and structures
 V4L2 Video ConverterNVIDIA Tegra V4L2 Video Converter Description and Extensions
 V4L2 Video DecoderNVIDIA Tegra V4L2 Video Decoder Description and Extensions
 V4L2 Video EncoderNVIDIA Tegra V4L2 Video Encoder Description and Extensions