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32.4.3 Release

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CaptureMetadata.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Libargus API: Capture Metadata API

Description: Defines the CaptureMetadata objects and interfaces.

Definition in file CaptureMetadata.h.

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Data Structures

class  Argus::CaptureMetadata
class  Argus::CaptureMetadataContainer
 An object that holds a CaptureMetadata instance and is used to read the capture metadata from a consumer thread directly from the embedded EGLStream metadata. More...
class  Argus::IBayerHistogram
 Interface to Bayer histogram metadata (provided by ICaptureMetadata::getBayerHistogram()). More...
class  Argus::IRGBHistogram
 Interface to RGB histogram metadata (provided by ICaptureMetadata::getRGBHistogram()). More...
class  Argus::IStreamCaptureMetadata
 Interface to per-stream metadata (provided by ICaptureMetadata::getStreamMetadata()). More...
class  Argus::ICaptureMetadata
 Interface to the core capture metadata. More...
class  Argus::IDenoiseMetadata
 Interface to denoise metadata. More...
class  Argus::IEdgeEnhanceMetadata
 Interface to edge enhancement metadata. More...




 Argus::DEFINE_UUID (InterfaceID, IID_BAYER_HISTOGRAM, 50bc4f1c, 6424, beb7, baae, b0, 90, c9, c3, 25, 9e)
 Argus::DEFINE_UUID (InterfaceID, IID_RGB_HISTOGRAM, 50bc4f1d, 6424, beb7, baae, b0, 90, c9, c3, 25, 9e)
 Argus::DEFINE_UUID (InterfaceID, IID_STREAM_CAPTURE_METADATA, 61cbe0a8, 0ee1, 4c67, baae, 02, 02, 1a, b8, d9, 47)
 Argus::DEFINE_UUID (InterfaceID, IID_CAPTURE_METADATA, 5f6ac5d4, 59e8, 45d0, 8bac, 38, 09, 1f, f8, 74, a9)
 Argus::DEFINE_UUID (InterfaceID, IID_DENOISE_METADATA, 7A461D23, 6AE1, 11E6, BDF4, 08, 00, 20, 0C, 9A, 66)
 Argus::DEFINE_UUID (InterfaceID, IID_EDGE_ENHANCE_METADATA, 7A461D24, 6AE1, 11E6, BDF4, 08, 00, 20, 0C, 9A, 66)