Jetson Linux Multimedia API Reference

32.4.3 Release

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Detailed Description

Container for metadata generated by a single completed capture.

Data Structures

class  Argus::Ext::IBayerAverageMap
 Interface to Bayer average map metadata. More...
class  Argus::Ext::IBayerSharpnessMap
 Interface to Bayer sharpness map metadata. More...
class  Argus::Ext::IFaceDetectMetadata
 Interface to overall face detection results metadata. More...
class  Argus::Ext::IInternalFrameCount
 Interface used to query the internal frame count for a request. More...
class  Argus::Ext::ISensorPrivateMetadata
 Interface used to access sensor private metadata. More...
class  Argus::ICaptureMetadata
 Interface to the core capture metadata. More...
class  Argus::IDenoiseMetadata
 Interface to denoise metadata. More...
class  Argus::IEdgeEnhanceMetadata
 Interface to edge enhancement metadata. More...


 Child Bayer histogram metadata, returned by ICaptureMetadata::getBayerHistogram.
 Metadata for a single face detection result, returned by Ext::IFaceDetectMetadata::getFaceDetectResults.
 Child RGB histogram metadata, returned by ICaptureMetadata::getRGBHistogram.