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32.7.3 Release
BlockingSessionCameraProvider.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Libargus Extension: Blocking Session Capture Provider API

Description: This file defines the BlockingSessionCaptureProvider extension.

Definition in file BlockingSessionCameraProvider.h.

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Data Structures

class  Argus::Ext::IBlockingSessionCameraProvider




 Argus::DEFINE_UUID (ExtensionName, EXT_BLOCKING_SESSION_CAMERA_PROVIDER, 1fff5f04, 2ea9, 4558, 8e92, c2, 4b, 0b, 82, b9, af)
 Argus::Ext::DEFINE_UUID (InterfaceID, IID_BLOCKING_SESSION_CAMERA_PROVIDER, 3122fe85, b4cc, 4945, af5d, a3, 86, 26, 75, eb, a4)