Jetson Linux API Reference

32.7.3 Release

Detailed Description

This module provides a list of extensions currently available for libargus.


 Generates local averages of a capture's raw Bayer data.
 Adds internally-generated sharpness metrics to CaptureMetadata results.
 Adds a interface to camera provider to create a blocking capture session.
 Adds internal de-fog post-processing algorithms.
 Adds a debug interface to dump internal libargus runtime information.
 Adds extra functionalities for the Digital Overlap (DOL) Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) sensor mode type.
 Adds internal face-detection algorithms.
 Adds accessors for an internal frame count performance metric.
 This adds a method to interpret the compressed histogram data correctly It introduces one new interface:
 Adds extra functionalities for the Piecewise Linear (PWL) Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) sensor mode type.
 Adds a EEPROM interface to get EEPROM data.
 Adds a OTP interface to get OTP data.
 Adds accessors for set client buffer for sensor embedded metadata.
 Adds a timestamp interface to get TSC HW timestamp.
 Adds accessors for sync sensor calibration data.