Jetson Linux API Reference

32.7.5 Release
Settings.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Libargus API: Settings API

Description: This file defines the settings that control the sensor module.

Definition in file Settings.h.

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Data Structures

class  Argus::ISourceSettings
class  Argus::IAutoControlSettings
class  Argus::IStreamSettings
class  Argus::IDenoiseSettings
class  Argus::IEdgeEnhanceSettings




 Argus::DEFINE_UUID (InterfaceID, IID_SOURCE_SETTINGS, eb7ae38c, 3c62, 4161, a92a, a6, 4f, ba, c6, 38, 83)
 Argus::DEFINE_UUID (InterfaceID, IID_AUTO_CONTROL_SETTINGS, 1f2ad1c6, cb13, 440b, bc95, 3f, fd, 0d, 19, 91, db)
 Argus::DEFINE_UUID (InterfaceID, IID_STREAM_SETTINGS, c477aeaf, 9cc8, 4467, a834, c7, 07, d7, b6, 9f, a4)
 Argus::DEFINE_UUID (InterfaceID, IID_DENOISE_SETTINGS, 7A461D20, 6AE1, 11E6, BDF4, 08, 00, 20, 0C, 9A, 66)
 Argus::DEFINE_UUID (InterfaceID, IID_EDGE_ENHANCE_SETTINGS, 7A461D21, 6AE1, 11E6, BDF4, 08, 00, 20, 0C, 9A, 66)