Jetson Linux API Reference

32.7.5 Release

Detailed Description

Generates local averages of a capture's raw Bayer data.

These averages are generated for a number of small rectangles, called bins, that are evenly distributed across the image. These averages may be calculated before optical clipping to the output bit depth occurs, thus the working range of this averaging may extend beyond the optical range of the output pixels; this allows the averages to remain steady while the sensor freely modifies its optical range.

Any pixel values outside of the working range are clipped with respect to this averaging. Specifically, the API excludes them from the average calculation and increments the clipped pixel counter for the containing region.

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This extension introduces two new interfaces:

Data Structures

class  Argus::Ext::IBayerAverageMapSettings
class  Argus::Ext::IBayerAverageMap