Jetson Linux API Reference

32.7.5 Release
Objects and Interfaces

Detailed Description

This module provides a list of libargus objects and the interfaces that they support. Children of objects in this list describe either child InterfaceProviders provided by the object or specialized types of the object (ie. Event types).


 Object that wraps an application-managed buffer for use as a capture request destination.
 Container for settings used to configure/create a Buffer.
 Object representing a single camera device.
 Object providing the entry point to the libargus runtime.
 Object that controls all operations on a single sensor.
 Container representing a single event.
 Object to receive and expose Events from an IEventProvider.
 Object representing an output stream capable of receiving image frames from a capture.
 Container for settings used to configure/create an OutputStream.
 Container for all settings used by a single capture request.