Jetson Linux API Reference

32.7.5 Release
Element Profiler API

Detailed Description

Helper class for profiling the performance of individual elements.

NvElementProfiler currently measures processing latencies, average processing rate, and the number of units that arrived late at the element. Components should use this information internally.

If you require latency measurements, you must call startProcessing() to indicate that a unit has been submitted for processing and finishProcessing() to indicate that a unit has finished processing. If you require only averaging processing rate or the number of units that arrived late need not call startProcessing().

You can get data from NvElementProfiler using getProfilerData(). This function fills the NvElementProfilerData structure. Components that do not support all the fields available in the structure must use the variable valid_fields of type ProfilerField, which is also included in the structure.

Data Structures

class  NvElementProfiler


 @c valid_field values for the #NvElementProfilerData structure.