Graphics Programming

Use the information in this topic to understand graphics programming for this release. This information includes topics such as binary shader program management, the shader program compiler, and image stream translation with EGLStream.

The topic is divided into six subtopics:

  • Binary Shader Program Management discusses how shader programs are stored, compiled, and cached.

  • G:S:C Shader Program Compiler discusses glslc , the NVIDIA ® Jetson™ Linux compiler for OpenGL ® ES program binaries.

  • EGLDevice discusses mechanisms that you can use to render 3D images on a pure EGL display (without mediation by a windowing system).

  • EGLStream discusses a mechanism that efficiently transfers sequences of image frames from one API to another, e.g., from OpenGL to NVIDIA ® CUDA ® .

  • OpenGL ES Programming Tips provides tips for improving the performance of OpenGL ES applications in Jetson Linux.

  • Sample Applications describes the sample applications that the Jetson Linux BSP provides to demonstrate graphics features.