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32.7.4 Release
CameraDevice.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Libargus API: Camera Device API

Description: This file defines objects representing a single camera device.

Definition in file CameraDevice.h.

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Data Structures

class  Argus::CameraDevice
class  Argus::ICameraProperties
class  Argus::SensorMode
class  Argus::ISensorMode




 Argus::DEFINE_UUID (InterfaceID, IID_CAMERA_PROPERTIES, 436d2a73, c85b, 4a29, bce5, 15, 60, 6e, 35, 86, 91)
 Argus::DEFINE_UUID (InterfaceID, IID_SENSOR_MODE, e69015e0, db2a, 11e5, a837, 18, 00, 20, 0c, 9a, 66)