NVIDIA Jetson Linux Developer Guide
32.4.3 Release


MB1 Platform Configuration

Jetson Xavier NX and Jetson AGX Xavier Series MB1 Platform Configuration
About MB1 BCT
Pinmux and GPIO Configuration
Common Prod Configuration
Controller Prod Configuration
Pad Voltage Configuration
PMIC Configuration
Security Configuration
GPIO Interrupt Mapping Configuration
Storage Device Configuration
UPHY Lane Configuration
OEM-FW Ratchet Configuration
BootROM Reset PMIC Configuration
Miscellaneous Configurations
Jetson TX2 Series MB1 Platform Configuration
About MB1 BCT
Jetson TX2 Pinmux and GPIO Configuration
Jetson TX2 Prod Configuration
Jetson TX2 Pad Voltage Configuration
Jetson TX2 PMIC Configuration
Configuring Generic Rails
Configuring Security Configuration Registers
Miscellaneous Configurations
This topic contains information about configuring Micro Boot stage 1 (MB1) on each platform that is supported by NVIDIA® Jetson™ Linux Driver Package and that supports MB1.