NVIDIA Tegra Linux Driver Package

Development Guide
32.2 Release

How to Submit a Bug Report
If you encounter an apparent bug in the NVIDIA® Tegra® Linux Driver Package or documentation, use this procedure to submit a bug report.
To submit a bug report
1. Enter the following commands on the target:
$ export DISPLAY=:0
$ xhost +si:localuser:root
$ sudo ./nvidia-bug-report-tegra.sh
The nvidia-bug-report-tegra.sh script collects logs and other information that you can include in a detailed bug report. It writes them to a .log file in the current directory.
2. Prepare a description of the bug and the procedure for reproducing it, if applicable.
3. Submit the completed bug report through the NVIDIA support forums at… Attach the script’s .log file to your post.
If you are not currently a forum member…