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4.0.1 Release

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nvds_msgapi.h File Reference

Detailed Description

NVIDIA Messaging API

Description: This API provides means for sending messages to the cloud using various protocols like Kafka, MQTT, and AMQP.

Definition in file nvds_msgapi.h.

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typedef void * NvDsMsgApiHandle
 Defines the handle to be used with all methods in the NvDS_MsgApi interface. More...
typedef void(* nvds_msgapi_send_cb_t )(void *user_ptr, NvDsMsgApiErrorType completion_flag)
 Type definition for send method callback. More...
typedef void(* nvds_msgapi_connect_cb_t )(NvDsMsgApiHandle h_ptr, NvDsMsgApiEventType ds_evt)
 Type definition for handle method callback registered during connect. More...


enum  NvDsMsgApiEventType {
 Defines various events associated with connections to remote entities. More...
enum  NvDsMsgApiErrorType {
 Defines completion status for operations in the NvDS_MsgApi interface. More...


NvDsMsgApiHandle nvds_msgapi_connect (char *connection_str, nvds_msgapi_connect_cb_t connect_cb, char *config_path)
 Connects to a remote agent by calling into protocol adapter. More...
NvDsMsgApiErrorType nvds_msgapi_send (NvDsMsgApiHandle h_ptr, char *topic, const uint8_t *payload, size_t nbuf)
 Send message over connection synchronously based on blocking semantics. More...
NvDsMsgApiErrorType nvds_msgapi_send_async (NvDsMsgApiHandle h_ptr, char *topic, const uint8_t *payload, size_t nbuf, nvds_msgapi_send_cb_t send_callback, void *user_ptr)
 Send message over connection asynchronously based on non-blocking semantics. More...
void nvds_msgapi_do_work (NvDsMsgApiHandle h_ptr)
 Calls into the adapter to allow for execution of undnerlying protocol logic. More...
NvDsMsgApiErrorType nvds_msgapi_disconnect (NvDsMsgApiHandle h_ptr)
 Terminates existing connection. More...
char * nvds_msgapi_getversion (void)
 Current version of NvDS_MsgApi interface supported by protocol adapter. More...