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4.0.1 Release

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nvll_osd_api.h File Reference

Detailed Description

NVIDIA Multimedia Utilities: On-Screen Display API

Description: This file defines the NvOSD library, used to draw rectangles and text over the frame.

Definition in file nvll_osd_api.h.

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Data Structures

struct  _NvOSD_FrameTextParams
struct  _NvOSD_FrameRectParams
struct  _NvOSD_FrameLineParams


#define NVOSD_PRINT_E(f_,...)   printf("libnvosd (%d):(ERROR) : " f_, __LINE__, ##__VA_ARGS__)
#define MAX_IN_BUF   16
#define MAX_BORDER_WIDTH   32


typedef struct
typedef struct
typedef struct


void * nvll_osd_create_context (void)
 Creates an NvOSD context. More...
void nvll_osd_destroy_context (void *nvosd_ctx)
 Destroys an NvOSD context. More...
void nvll_osd_set_clock_params (void *nvosd_ctx, NvOSD_TextParams *clk_params)
 Sets clock parameters for the given context. More...
int nvll_osd_put_text (void *nvosd_ctx, NvOSD_FrameTextParams *frame_text_params)
 Overlays clock and given text at given location on a buffer. More...
int nvll_osd_draw_rectangles (void *nvosd_ctx, NvOSD_FrameRectParams *frame_rect_params)
 Overlays boxes at given location on a buffer. More...
int nvll_osd_draw_lines (void *nvosd_ctx, NvOSD_FrameLineParams *frame_line_params)
 Overlays lines on the buffer. More...
void * nvll_osd_set_params (void *nvosd_ctx, int width, int height)
 Sets the resolution of the frames on which the NvOSDContext will operate. More...