NVIDIA DeepStream SDK API Reference

4.0.2 Release

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20 #ifndef _NVDSINFER_H_
21 #define _NVDSINFER_H_
23 #ifdef __cplusplus
24 extern "C"
25 {
26 #endif
33 typedef struct
34 {
36  unsigned int numDims;
38  unsigned int d[NVDSINFER_MAX_DIMS];
40  unsigned int numElements;
46 typedef struct
47 {
49  unsigned int c;
51  unsigned int h;
53  unsigned int w;
59 typedef enum
60 {
62  FLOAT = 0,
64  HALF = 1,
66  INT8 = 2,
68  INT32 = 3
74 typedef struct
75 {
83  const char* layerName;
85  void *buffer;
88  int isInput;
94 typedef struct
95 {
97  unsigned int width;
99  unsigned int height;
101  unsigned int channels;
108 #define getDimsCHWFromDims(dimsCHW,dims) \
109  do { \
110  (dimsCHW).c = (dims).d[0]; \
111  (dimsCHW).h = (dims).d[1]; \
112  (dimsCHW).w = (dims).d[2]; \
113  } while (0)
118 typedef struct
119 {
121  unsigned int classId;
124  unsigned int left;
126  unsigned int top;
128  unsigned int width;
130  unsigned int height;
144 typedef struct
145 {
148  unsigned int attributeIndex;
150  unsigned int attributeValue;
154  const char *attributeLabel;
157 #ifdef __cplusplus
158 }
159 #endif
161 #endif
unsigned int w
Width of the layer.
Definition: nvdsinfer.h:53
Holds information about one parsed object from detector's output.
Definition: nvdsinfer.h:118
void * buffer
Pointer to the buffer for the layer data.
Definition: nvdsinfer.h:85
unsigned int width
Input width for the model.
Definition: nvdsinfer.h:97
unsigned int left
Horizontal offset of the bounding box shape for the object.
Definition: nvdsinfer.h:124
unsigned int attributeIndex
Index of the label.
Definition: nvdsinfer.h:148
NvDsInferDims dims
Dimensions of the layer.
Definition: nvdsinfer.h:79
Definition: nvdsinfer.h:28
NvDsInferDataType dataType
Data type of the layer.
Definition: nvdsinfer.h:77
const char * layerName
Name of the layer.
Definition: nvdsinfer.h:83
unsigned int c
Channel count of the layer.
Definition: nvdsinfer.h:49
Holds information about one classified attribute.
Definition: nvdsinfer.h:144
unsigned int numDims
Number of dimesions of the layer.
Definition: nvdsinfer.h:36
unsigned int h
Height of the layer.
Definition: nvdsinfer.h:51
unsigned int channels
Number of input channels for the model.
Definition: nvdsinfer.h:101
const char * attributeLabel
String label for the attribute.
Definition: nvdsinfer.h:154
unsigned int height
Input height for the model.
Definition: nvdsinfer.h:99
float attributeConfidence
Confidence level for the classified attribute.
Definition: nvdsinfer.h:152
unsigned int numElements
Number of elements in the layer including all dimensions.
Definition: nvdsinfer.h:40
unsigned int classId
ID of the class to which the object belongs.
Definition: nvdsinfer.h:121
unsigned int top
Vertical offset of the bounding box shape for the object.
Definition: nvdsinfer.h:126
unsigned int attributeValue
Output for the label.
Definition: nvdsinfer.h:150
float detectionConfidence
Object detection confidence.
Definition: nvdsinfer.h:133
Specifies dimensions of a layer.
Definition: nvdsinfer.h:33
INT8 format.
Definition: nvdsinfer.h:66
int bindingIndex
TensorRT binding index of the layer.
Definition: nvdsinfer.h:81
NvDsInferObjectDetectionInfo NvDsInferParseObjectInfo
Typedef to maintain backward compatibility.
Definition: nvdsinfer.h:139
Holds information about the model network.
Definition: nvdsinfer.h:94
int isInput
Boolean indicating if the layer is an input layer.
Definition: nvdsinfer.h:88
Specifies dimensions of a layer with 3 dimensions.
Definition: nvdsinfer.h:46
INT32 format.
Definition: nvdsinfer.h:68
unsigned int width
Width of the bounding box shape for the object.
Definition: nvdsinfer.h:128
FP16 format.
Definition: nvdsinfer.h:64
Holds information about one layer in the model.
Definition: nvdsinfer.h:74
FP32 format.
Definition: nvdsinfer.h:62
unsigned int height
Height of the bounding box shape for the object.
Definition: nvdsinfer.h:130
Data type of the layers.
Definition: nvdsinfer.h:59