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4.0.2 Release

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NvBufSurfaceMappedAddr Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Hold the pointers of mapped buffer.

Definition at line 220 of file nvbufsurface.h.

Data Fields

void * addr [NVBUF_MAX_PLANES]
 plane wise pointers to CPU mapped buffer More...
void * eglImage
 pointer to mapped EGLImage More...
void * _reserved [STRUCTURE_PADDING]

Field Documentation

void* NvBufSurfaceMappedAddr::_reserved[STRUCTURE_PADDING]

Definition at line 226 of file nvbufsurface.h.

void* NvBufSurfaceMappedAddr::addr[NVBUF_MAX_PLANES]

plane wise pointers to CPU mapped buffer

Definition at line 222 of file nvbufsurface.h.

void* NvBufSurfaceMappedAddr::eglImage

pointer to mapped EGLImage

Definition at line 224 of file nvbufsurface.h.

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