NVIDIA DeepStream SDK API Reference

7.0 Release
nvds_roi_meta.h File Reference

Detailed Description

NVIDIA GStreamer DeepStream: ROI Meta used in nvdspreprocess plugin

Description: This file defines the Metadata structure used to carry DeepStream ROI metadata in GStreamer pipeline.

Definition in file nvds_roi_meta.h.

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Data Structures

struct  NvDsRoiMeta
 Holds Information about ROI Metadata. More...


 max polygon points ; currently not being used More...


typedef struct NvBufSurfaceParams NvBufSurfaceParams
 DS NvBufSurfaceParams. More...
typedef struct _NvDsFrameMeta NvDsFrameMeta
 DS NvDsFrameMeta. More...
typedef struct _NvDsObjectMeta NvDsObjectMeta
 DS NvDsObjectMeta. More...
typedef GList NvDsClassifierMetaList
 classifier meta list More...
typedef GList NvDsUserMetaList
 user meta list More...
typedef struct NvDsRoiMeta NvDsRoiMeta
 Holds Information about ROI Metadata. More...


enum  NvDsDataType {
 Data type used for model in infer. More...
enum  NvDsUnitType {
  NvDsUnitType_FullFrame = 0,
 Unit Type Fullframe/ROI/Crop Objects. More...