class pyds.NvDsInferSegmentationMeta
Holds the segmentation model output information for one frame / one object.

The “nvinfer” plugins adds this meta for segmentation models. This meta data is added as NvDsUserMeta to the frame_user_meta_list of the corresponding frame_meta or object_user_meta_list of the corresponding object with the meta_type set to NVDSINFER_SEGMENTATION_META.

property class_map

Pointer to the array for 2D pixel class map. The output for pixel (x,y) will be at index (y * width + x).

property class_probabilities_map

Pointer to the raw array containing the probabilities. The probability for class c and pixel (x,y) will be at index (c * width *height + y * width + x).

property classes

Number of classes in the segmentation output.

property height

Height of the segmentation output class map.

property priv_data

Private data used for the meta producer’s internal memory management.

property width

Width of the segmentation output class map.