NVIDIA DeepStream SDK API Reference

6.2 Release
nvdspreprocess_interface.h File Reference

Detailed Description

NVIDIA DeepStream GStreamer NvDsPreProcess API Specification

Description: This file specifies the APIs and function definitions for the DeepStream GStreamer NvDsPreProcess Plugin.

Definition in file nvdspreprocess_interface.h.

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Data Structures

struct  CustomTransformParams
 custom transformation parameter for calling nvbufsurftransform api for scaling and converting the ROIs to the network resolutions to be used by custom lib. More...
struct  NvDsPreProcessTensorParams
 Holds model parameters for tensor preparation. More...
struct  NvDsPreProcessNetworkSize
 Holds information about the model network. More...
struct  CustomSeqProcTensorParams
 Tensor params for Custom sequence processing for 3d conv network. More...
struct  CustomTensorParams
 Tensor params passed to custom library for tensor preparation. More...
struct  CustomInitParams
 Custom Initialization parameter for custom library. More...
struct  NvDsPreProcessCustomBuf
 Custom Buffer passed to the custom lib for preparing tensor. More...
class  NvDsPreProcessAcquirer
 class for acquiring and releasing a buffer from tensor pool by custom lib. More...
struct  NvDsPreProcessUnit
 A preprocess unit for processing which can be Frame/ROI. More...
struct  NvDsPreProcessBatch
 Holds information about the batch of frames to be inferred. More...


typedef struct CustomCtx CustomCtx
 Context for custom library. More...


enum  NvDsPreProcessStatus {
 Enum for the status codes returned by NvDsPreProcessImpl. More...
enum  NvDsPreProcessNetworkInputOrder {
  NvDsPreProcessNetworkInputOrder_kNCHW = 0,
 Enum for the network input order according to which network shape will be provided to prepare raw tensor for inferencing. More...
enum  NvDsPreProcessFormat {
  NvDsPreProcessFormat_Unknown = 0xFFFFFFFF
 Defines model color formats. More...