NVIDIA DeepStream SDK API Reference

6.2 Release
NvDsSRRecordingInfo Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Hold information about video recorded.

Definition at line 134 of file gst-nvdssr.h.

Collaboration diagram for NvDsSRRecordingInfo:

Data Fields

 SR bin context. More...
NvDsSRSessionId sessionId
 recording session-id More...
gchar * filename
 recorded file name More...
gchar * dirpath
 recorded file dir path More...
guint64 duration
 duration in milliseconds More...
NvDsSRContainerType containerType
 recorded video container, MP4 / MKV More...
guint width
 recorded video width More...
guint height
 recorded video height More...
gboolean containsVideo
 Boolean indicating if recorded stream contains video. More...
guint channels
 channels in recorded audio More...
guint samplingRate
 sampling rate of recorded audio in Hz More...
gboolean containsAudio
 Boolean indicating if recorded stream contains audio. More...

Field Documentation

◆ channels

guint NvDsSRRecordingInfo::channels

channels in recorded audio

Definition at line 155 of file gst-nvdssr.h.

◆ containerType

NvDsSRContainerType NvDsSRRecordingInfo::containerType

recorded video container, MP4 / MKV

Definition at line 147 of file gst-nvdssr.h.

◆ containsAudio

gboolean NvDsSRRecordingInfo::containsAudio

Boolean indicating if recorded stream contains audio.

Definition at line 159 of file gst-nvdssr.h.

◆ containsVideo

gboolean NvDsSRRecordingInfo::containsVideo

Boolean indicating if recorded stream contains video.

Definition at line 153 of file gst-nvdssr.h.

◆ ctx

NvDsSRContext* NvDsSRRecordingInfo::ctx

SR bin context.

Definition at line 137 of file gst-nvdssr.h.

◆ dirpath

gchar* NvDsSRRecordingInfo::dirpath

recorded file dir path

Definition at line 143 of file gst-nvdssr.h.

◆ duration

guint64 NvDsSRRecordingInfo::duration

duration in milliseconds

Definition at line 145 of file gst-nvdssr.h.

◆ filename

gchar* NvDsSRRecordingInfo::filename

recorded file name

Definition at line 141 of file gst-nvdssr.h.

◆ height

guint NvDsSRRecordingInfo::height

recorded video height

Definition at line 151 of file gst-nvdssr.h.

◆ samplingRate

guint NvDsSRRecordingInfo::samplingRate

sampling rate of recorded audio in Hz

Definition at line 157 of file gst-nvdssr.h.

◆ sessionId

NvDsSRSessionId NvDsSRRecordingInfo::sessionId

recording session-id

Definition at line 139 of file gst-nvdssr.h.

◆ width

guint NvDsSRRecordingInfo::width

recorded video width

Definition at line 149 of file gst-nvdssr.h.

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