Model Alignment

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Prerequisite Obtaining a Pre-Trained Model

This section provides instructions on how to download pre-trained LLMs in .nemo format. The following section will use These base LLMs for further fine-tuning and alignment.

Model Alignment by Supervised Fine-Tuning (SFT)

In this section, we walk you through the most straightforward alignment method, using a supervised dataset in the prompt-response pairs format, to fine-tune the base model to the desired behavior.

Model Alignment by RLHF

RLHF is the next step up in alignment and is still responsible for most state-of-the-art chat models. In this section, we walk you through the process of RLHF alignment, including training a reward model and the RLHF training with the PPO algorithm.

Model Alignment by SteerLM Method

SteerLM is a novel approach developed by the NVIDIA. SteerLM simplifies alignment compared to RLHF. It is based on SFT but allows user-steerable AI by enabling you to adjust attributes at inference time.

Model Alignment by Direct Preference Optimisation (DPO)

DPO is a simpler alignment method compared to RLHF. DPO introduces a novel parameterization of the reward model in RLHF. This parameterization allows us to extract the corresponding optimal

Fine-tuning Stable Diffusion with DRaFT+

DRaFT+ is an algorithm for fine-tuning text-to-image generative diffusion models by directly backpropagating through a reward model which alleviates the mode collapse issues from DRaFT algorithm and improves diversity through regularization.

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