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Originating from LLaVA (Large Language and Vision Assistant), NeVA is a groundbreaking addition to the NeMo Multimodal ecosystem. This model seamlessly integrates large language-centric models (like NVGPT or Llama2) with a vision encoder, and is trained with machine-generated multimodal language-image instruction-following data. Building on the foundation set by LLaVA, NeVA further enhances training by leveraging features of the NeMo LLM framework such as model parallelism, activation checkpointing, AMP O2, Flash Attention, and more. While traditional language models have been primarily focused on textual processing, NeVA boldly adopts a holistic approach, bridging visual and linguistic comprehension.




Data parallelism Yes N/A
Tensor parallelism Yes Yes
Pipeline parallelism No No
Sequence parallelism No No
Activation checkpointing Yes (Uniform or Block) No
FP32/TF32 Yes Yes (FP16 enabled by default)
AMP/FP16 No Yes
AMP/BF16 Yes No
BF16 O2 Yes No
TransformerEngine/FP8 No No
Multi-GPU Yes Yes
Multi-Node Yes Yes
Inference deployment N/A NVIDIA Triton supported
SW stack support Slurm DeepOps/Base Command Manager/Base Command Platform Slurm DeepOps/Base Command Manager/Base Command Platform
NVfuser No N/A
Distributed Optimizer No N/A
TorchInductor No N/A
Flash Attention Yes N/A
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