Flash attention

Flash Attention [nlp-megatron4] is a method designed to enhance the efficiency of Transformer models, which are widely utilized in applications such as natural language processing. Traditional Transformers are slow and consume a lot of memory, especially with long sequences, due to the quadratic time and memory complexity of self-attention. FlashAttention, an IO-aware exact attention algorithm that leverages tiling to minimize the number of memory reads/writes between the GPU’s high bandwidth memory (HBM) and on-chip SRAM. This approach is designed to be more efficient in terms of IO complexity compared to standard attention mechanisms.


To enable Flash Attention while Megatron GPT model training or fine-tuning, modify the following configuration:




To enable Flash Attention while Megatron T5 model training, modify the following configuration:


model.encoder.use_flash_attention=True model.decoder.use_flash_attention=True


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